The best thing about memories is making them β˜―οΈπŸ’­

As the definitive months of my travels close in, I can’t help but noticing that all of this is soon to be just a distant memory.

The first 6 months I travelled North America already feel like a lifetime away. A different trip entirely, December has crept up on us with the new year eerily following, but it was only 3 months ago that I left my ‘American dream’ behind. Living in San Diego will always be the happiest I’ve ever been, and yet I’m about to start a new chapter, today being the first day of my new job & new home living in Chile, knowing that the next best part of my trip is about to begin.

There is something about living abroad that feels so accomplished, and feels like home all at the same time. There is so much comfort in a travellers mind to know that they can turn up in any country in the world and seek and successfully secure refuge and a job, all under one roof. It’s not about the pay, it’s about the lifestyle. Knowing you can keep yourself travelling for a little bit longer by working in hostels, engaging with the most like-minded of individuals, living the lifestyle you want whilst surrounding yourself with only the kind of people you want. There is no better setting in my eyes. Purposefully choosing a city that fascinates you, holds beauty, a beach, the climate you want. I’m so surprised more people haven’t cottoned on to working in hostels consistently as they travel. (Workaway, Woofers, world packers are all websites which host jobs all over the world, I personally just now message a hostel directly asking if they need people – hint, if their employees are travellers and travellers are flakey and constantly moving what does this tell you – they will always need people at some point).

My point is, I don’t want this moment or any of the moments I’m about to experience in the next couple of months to end. I don’t want to stop living exactly the lifestyle I want, and love, and have become so accustomed to. I’m scared that my memories of the States are soon to be replaced by my memories of the South American adventure I’m currently on. If only we could capture certain moments and hold onto them forever.

Whilst sat on the beach in southern Peru I couldn’t help but thinking how I could just live on the beach forever. There’s a very good reason I do most of my writing when I’m in beach towns. If not all of it actually. There is something so calming to me about the water and the sand and all the elements that surround me when I’m sat here.

I’m determined to make my year of travelling a lifestyle, not just a distant memory, a dream or a soon to be fantasy. I know exactly the life I want and until I don’t want it anymore, why should I give it up? What if I want to learn Spanish fluently in Argentina? Or I want to find a corporate job again but this time in Spain? I can’t help but thinking now is the time to make sure in 4 months time when my planned trip is over, and it’s been exactly a year since I set flight to this new world of mine, that I enjoy the place I’m in then just as much as these soon to be memories now.

I’m working on it. Make a list of all your favourite things. The things that really make you happiest. The moments in your life that you sit and take a deep breathe and are full to the very brim with the warmest and deepest fulfillment. Don’t be the person that looks back at memories of a past time and thinks they can never have that moment again? Or be that happy again. That fate or destiny would never deal them that hand again. Be the person that knows that our entire reality is made by us, in that squishy thing in between our ears. And that we are a product of our dreams & surroundings.

Not happy? Start by putting yourself in the happiest place you’ve ever been more often, more consistent happiness will follow πŸ™‚

I’ll go first. My favourite times of day? First thing in the morning (I’m a breakfast kind of girl)

Favourite place? The beach, always.

Favourite place & time? if I’m on the beach, 3pm until sunset wins my heart every time, the light breeze, the calming suns glare, the all-encompassing warmth. I find myself most at peace at this time on the beach – with myself and the rest of the world.

Favourite cities? Any colourful houses on hills or old Victorian houses get me any day, Notting hill style, Havana, Guatape, Valparaiso. Give me Colourful vibes all day every day.

Favourite view? It’s always the ocean for me sorry. (I love hiking mountains and glaciers and world wonders etc too but there’s just no comparison in my eyes)

Favourite people? This is one part of my life I can’t always fulfill as a lot of the people that hold my heart are far away from me, but if anything my travelling has made me so much closer to all the people that matter back home, in my head and in my heart. The new friends I make every day also fulfill a different angle to this, there is nothing better in my eyes than meeting new people every day, new stories, experiences to learn from, travel plans, guidance, growth. I am thankful every day for the rotation of amazing people in my life as I travel that help me pave my story perfectly.

Favourite foods? A really good vegetable wok or Mexican food ALWAYS

Favourite alcoholic beverage? Glass of red wine (preferably served with my favourite girls from back home whilst having a catch up or gossip night) or more recently – Pisco sours πŸ˜‰

Favourite night out? Favourite night in? Favourite Road trip? Favourite Saturday? Favourite girls night/boys night? Favourite lazy afternoon?

Are you noticing the trend here? You don’t need to know the answers to all of my questions. But it’s important you know the answers to your own. Take some time to look at your favourite everything’s. The feelings you don’t just feel every day, the ones that make your heart sync with the world in an unexplainable serenity & calmness. And do them all the time, as much as you physically can. Because why not? Why let a memory be the happiest you’ve ever been when you can be just as happy right now? With the right self-reflection, appreciation and determination, you can have anything you desire and make any moment in your life, exactly what you want it to be. You deserve happiness, you deserve second chances, you deserve love & everything else that makes you feel alive.

I’m working on making my dreams a reality. Just a friendly reminder to keep working on yours πŸ™‚

Too many of us settle. Let’s make our whole lives as good as our fondest memories ❀

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